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Fee Structure

For the 2018 baseball season, all teams ages 9-13 will have the opportunity to play 15 league games and the RMI tournament with a 3 game minimum.  Every team will be guaranteed 14 games.  

14 Year olds will have a 14 game season with 12 guarantted.  

It is important that families provide the coaches information on vacations and events that will preclude a player from playing.  Coaches are asked for blackout dates at the beginning of the season and can not ask for more after the schedule is set.  Blackout dates are days that the coach knows in advance that the team will not have enough players to play a game (less than 9 players).  

 Fees for the Spring 2018 season are as follows:

Pee Wee (5 through 7 year-olds)   $150.00

8 - 13 year-olds    $295.00

14 year olds         $TBD





Additional Fees

A $20.00 fee is assessed for all returned checks.

A $15.00 Administrative Fee is assessed to all refunds issued after March 1.