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Note:  Beginning in 2011, 8-year olds play kid pitch and register in the junior division. 

Participating members in the midget program South Jeffco Sports, Bear Creek, South Metro, Dakota Ridge and Green Mountain Junior Baseball.  


Section1 Age of Players


1.1 “AAAA” is for 8-year-old players in the Kid Pitch Program. No player may turn 9 before May 1st of the current season to be eligible for ‘AAAA”.


Section 2 General Rules

2.1 The hidden-ball trick shall not be allowed.

2.2 The infield-fly rule shall not be enforced.

2.3 Saying, "swing" is not allowed. No player or spectator may shout or verbalize swing to the batter after the time of the pitch.

2.4 No Balks.

2.5 Base distances are 60’ and the pitching rubber will be 40’ unless the field the teams are required to play on cannot accommodate that distance then it will be closest to that distance as can practically be done.

2.6 The pitching circle is an 8’ radius at the 40’ mark from home plate.

2.7 No stealing of bases and no lead offs.

2.8 No running into other players.

2.9 Have fun is allowed and encouraged.

2.10 All players are to participate in the field of play when their team is on defense. There shall not be any more than 6 players on the infield. Players in the outfield are to be at least 20’ behind the infielders.

2.11 The fields used by teams in this division may be mixed use fields. If teams play on a field with a 15’ arc they will disregard the arc and all balls in fair territory will be considered to be in play.


Section 3 Hitting & Pitching

3.1 Each team will have all kids in the batting order. 

3.2 If a player must miss their turn in the batting order then the team will go to the next player and the batter that is missed is out. A player is allowed to reenter the game.

3.3 The ball will be dead when a player has control at home plate or in the pitcher’s circle and play will be stopped. EXCEPT FOR THE 9TH BATTER THE BALL MUST BE KILLED AT THE HOME PLATE OR A THIRD OUT IS MADE.

3.8.1 Each batter will receive up to 6 pitches from the pitcher.

3.8.2 Regular baseball rules regarding strikeouts apply.

3.8.3 A batter cannot receive a base on balls

3.8.4 Batter hit by pitch are awarded 1st base

3.8.5 If the ball is not put in play by the 6th pitch, and the batter does not strike out, a coach will pitch to the batter.

3.8.6 If a sixth pitch, or subsequent pitches, is fouled off then the pitcher will pitch again.

3.9 Coaches must pitch overhand to their players. Players do not pitch in this division.

3.10 A coach may pitch from one knee provided that his back knee is on the pitching rubber.

3.11 Bunting is not permitted (players must take a full swing). If an umpire determines the hitter attempted to bunt they may call the play a no pitch and return all base runners and the hitter to their previous position. 

3.12.1 Pitchers cannot pitch more than 3-innings per game.

3.12.2 In the event a team must play more than one game per day a pitcher may not pitch more than 5 innings in a day. Prior to the start of any game after the first game of the day, the coach of the team must insure the opposing team coach and scorekeeper is aware of which player(s) pitched, how may innings they pitched, and their jersey number.

3.12.3 If a team pitches a player more than the allotted innings, their game may be forfeited.

3.12.4 If a player throws one pitch in any inning it will count as an inning in their daily total.

3.13 A pitcher must be removed on the second visit to the mound by a coach.

3.13 A batter will not advance on a dropped third strike.



Section 4 Scoring


4.1 During the first 4 innings of play, the maximum number of runs allowed to score is 7 per inning. Once 7 runs have scored, the batting team must take the field.

4.2 During the final 2 innings, there is no run limit; the fielding team must get 3 outs to retire the side.


Section 5 Coaches in the Field

5.1 Coaches are not allowed on the field when their team is on defense.


Section 6 Defensive Players

6.1 While in the field, a team may play all on their roster; all extra players must play OF position.

6.2 The pitcher must pitch from the pitching rubber.

6.3 All outfielders must be a minimum of 20 feet behind the closest base or closest infielder.


Section 7 Base Running

7.1 When a ball is hit into the outfield, the following rules shall apply:

7.1.1 Runners may advance until the pitcher controls the ball. For purposes of this rule, a ball shall be deemed controlled when it is securely in the glove or hand of the pitcher and standing inside the pitching circle (see Rule 7.2 regarding overthrows from the infield).

7.1.2 Runners who are less than halfway to the next base must return to the previous base once the pitcher controls the ball. Such runners may not be called out while returning to the previous base (or while running to the next base before being informed of the need to return to the previous base).

7.1.3 Runners who are at least halfway to the next base once the ball is controlled by an infielder may continue to the next base at their own risk. The fielding team may make a play on the runner.

7.1.4 The decision of whether a runner is halfway to the next base when a ball is controlled by an infielder shall be made by the umpire in his discretion. This is not an arguable rule.

7.1.5 Runners may advance on an overthrow from the outfield at their own risk.

7.2 Runners may not advance an extra base on an overthrow to any base by an infielder.

7.3 There are no lead-offs. A runner may advance only after the ball is hit.


Section 8 Coaching Base Runners

8.1 A base coach who physically assists a runner while a ball is in play will be given one warning. Upon a second offense, the involved runner shall be declared out.

8.2 Only two coaches are allowed to assist the on the bases.


Section 9 Umpires

9.1 In the event that SJSA umpires are unavailable, the game should be played with parent volunteers as umpires.

9.2 The Board shall determine the number of paid umpires that will normally be supplied for regular season and playoff games. Games in which two umpires are scheduled may be played with only one umpire.

9.3 Umpires must be in uniform.

9.4 South Jeffco employs young teenagers to officiate games. The association will not tolerate abuse.


Section 10 Protests

10.1 No Protests


Section 11 Mercy Rule & Tied Games

11.1 Games will be (6) innings. No inning will start after one and one half hours from the start of the game. Once an inning is started, it must be completed. (In other words both teams will get their at bats, unless the home team is ahead, and if there isn’t any danger from lighting, in which case you would make up any portion of the un-played inning.)

11.2 There are no extra innings during the regular season. If the game is tied at the completion of the allowable number of innings (or time limit) the game shall be declared a tie.

11.3 No new inning shall begin if a team has a 20 run lead after 4 innings or a 15 run lead after 5 innings.