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GMJBA Coaches Page


This area of the GMJBA web site is designed specifically to address the needs the GMJBA coaches. Please bookmark this page in your browser now and check it regularly for updates and changes.


Each player will need to have a Medical Consent form completed at the first practice. 

***These forms are available under the "Documents" tab on left menu***

  • Medical Consent form


Player Placement                                                  (Complete as of 01/01/16)

After Player Evaluation Day (Typically in late October) players will be placed on teams according to skill level.  Coaches for each levele, the President and Vice President sit down together and discuss each player for appropriate placement. 

Once player Placement is complete any player changes must be approved by the GMJBA President or Vice President.  If new players contact GMJBA after Player Evaluation Day every attempt will be made by the President and/or Vice President to find them the most appropriate placement.  Please keep in mind that "A" level play is a developmental level and most new players are placed on those teams.  However, once a team has 12 players no new players will be added to a team.

2016 GMJBA Scheduling Procedure

Perry Douty, our new scheduler, will be handling 8-13 year old scheduling this year (Spring 2016).  Rosa Thunselle, will only handle 14's and Level 3 as she is transitioning out of the scheduling role.  Make sure you are familiar with the procedures outlined below. You can find Perry's and Rosa's contact information on the Board of Directors List.

Black Out Dates

Black out dates are important because they keep teams from needing reschedule requests.  We recognize that teams will have dates they can not play and want to accommodate those as much as possible.  RMJBL has set the Blackouts perimeters for the Spring 2016 season as 6 weekdays and as many  tournament weekends as you need.  If you submit more than 6 weekdays you will be asked to prioritize the dates and are not guaranteed anything over 6. 

Dates to know for your players when deciding on Blackout dates:  continuation nights, concerts band/choir, outdoor lab, class trips (example: Rooney Ranch DC Trip), Boy Scout camp, Church event.  (Given that many of these dates are specific to 6th grade, exceptions on the black out limit are made for 12 year old teams.)

Any event or set of events that would limit your team to less than 9 players for a particular date.  Keep in mind a missing head coach is not a reason to request a reschedule, please choose assistant coaches that can carry on if you need to be absent from a game or practice.


Reschedule requests

Reschedules requests are greatly discouraged and are not guaranteed to be filled.  Reschedules will only be granted if you have less than 9 players or other extenuating circumstances.  Please Contact Ani Martinez/President or Rosa Thunselle/Vice President with any reschedule requests.  ALL reschedules must be approved by the President or the Vice President.  The scheduler (Perry Douty) does not approve reschedules.  


Field Closures

The Field Closure line for the City of Lakewood is 303.987.7778 for all city fields check before using them for games or practices.  The city updates the line at about 1:00 PM each week day, the city does not update the weather line on weekends or holidays, check our website and use your best judgment.  Do not practice on a field that has been closed by the city.  If you are practicing on a school field a good approach would be "If the schools have canceled all athletic or afterschool events for weather, it's probably not a good day for practice." 


Rain/Snow Cancelations

Watch your text and email for notifications of cancelations, schedulers try to have games canceled by 2:00 PM but it is not always possible. Games are typically canceled for weather between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM on weekdays.  If you are playing at home you can always check the Lakewood Rainout and if you are playing away you won't know until a notification is sent.

Rain/Snow Outs will be rescheduled ASAP, the goal is to have them rescheduled within 48 hours.  Please note sometimes it takes longer to work with another area and find a time and field that works for both teams.  (Especially if we get as much snow as we did in 2015.) 


Incomplete/Suspended games

If you have a game that is suspended or for some other reason is incomplete note the time the game was stopped and where the game was at in play (inning, outs, score, batters, etc...)  The scheduler will work to get the game finished.  You will not be scheduled to play a whole new game, it will be a completion of the game.  The scheduler will need this information to schedule completion of the game.

If you are the home team on the suspended game you need to e-mail Perry at   with the following information:

  • the number of innings played
  • the score
  • how many minutes were played

The game will be rescheduled to play the remaining portion of the game.


Rescheduled game notification e-mails

The automatically generated e-mail function is up and running. Whenever a game is rescheduled coaches and players will get an e-mail. Please check your schedules regularly, as reschedules can come from the home or away team. We don't want anyone missing a game because an e-mail slipped through the cracks.  It is also a good idea to check your schedule regularly just in case something slipped by your email.