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Class A - AGE DIVISION 4-5 – T - Ball


General Information

1) It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to inform your assistant coaches and parents of these rules.

2) The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of his players, coaches and parents.

3) Common sense shall govern play.

4) Scores and standings are not kept during league play. Coach your team as such and give all players on both teams a positive experience. The 8-and-UNDER Program is ultimately about FUN AND FUNDAMENTALS

TEE BALL - Common Rules and Guidelines

1) Every player bats and plays in the field.

2) Bases shall be set at 50 feet.

3) The pitching rubber shall be set 40 feet from the back of home plate. Defensive players shall not cross over an imagery arc of the same distance until the ball is hit.

4) All normal infield positions will be filled and the remaining players dispersed in the outfield on the edge of the grass. 2-3 defensive coaches may be on the field to assist positioning the players.

5) Rotate players from infield to outfield, and in different positions from game to game, or even inning to inning.

6) Coaches can, and are encouraged to position their batters and help them during their at bat.

7) Each team shall bat entirely through the order.

8) A hit ball must travel 10’ or it is a foul.

9) There are no strikeouts.

10) There will be no bunting, leading off, or stealing in any 8U games.

11) The last batter shall "clear the base", thus ending the half-inning.

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